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PLEASE NOTE: As the Bixby Stove Company is no longer in business, this page is for preference only.   We no longer carry Bixby's or their parts.

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 Biomass System 
High Tech Energy!
Low Cost Comfort

MaxFire Model Specifications
Fuel: Multi-Fuel system - uses dry shelled corn, wood pellets, or Bixby Certified Biomass Pellets
Shipping Weight 350 lbs.
Electrical: 120 volt AC (all loads shown are combined)
Normal Operating Mode: 1.6 amps
Ash Dump: 4 amps (several times per day)
Ignition Mode: 10 Amps (whenever initially starting the stove)
Tested and Listed By: OMNI-Test Labratories, Inc
Tested To: ASTM # 1509 ULC C1482
Height: 33", Width: 28", Depth: 30"
Fuel Hopper Capacity: 106 lbs.
Deluxe Trim Options: Nickel Plated or 24K Gold Plated
Color Options: Black, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Blushtone, Silver
Heat Output: 8,000 - 50,000 BTUs

 bixbystove  Bixby_Flush Bixby Green Bixby Blue Bixby_Burgundy
BIXBY 115 in Black
Pellets or Corn
BIXBY 115 in Blush
Pellets or Corn
BIXBY 115 Hunter Green
Pellets or Corn
BIXBY 115 Regal Blue
Pellets or Corn
BIXBY 115 Burgundy
Pellets or Corn

Why Buy a Bixby?

  • Push button automatic start
  • No gel or wood pellets needed
  • 8 touch pad heat settings. 10,000 to 50,000 BTU’s
  • Large Hopper - holds 106 lbs of fuel
  • 99.7% Fuel Combustion Efficiency
  • Ferris Wheel Feeder System, unlike auger fed stoves.   Prevents jams from cobs, stones, or other foreign matter. (Sometimes found in pellets or corn)
  • Optional Hi/Low Thermostat
  • Automatic Reversing Feeder Wheel
  • Automatically reverses to release oversized objects in feeder system without damaging feeder motor.
  • Patented Self Cleaning Burn Pot
  • Automatically cleans burn pot several times per day. No need to shut stove off or manually scrape burn pot like other stoves.
  • True “Direct Vent” Technology
  • Automatically releases exhaust and brings in fresh air thru the same vent pipe. Exterior walls require no vertical pipe.
  • Entire combustion chamber is constructed of 304 L stainless steel. Resistant to corrosion from pellet, corn and other biomass fuels.
  • All stoves have a beautiful Powder Coat finish resistant to scratching and easy to clean.
  • 275 CFM Convection Fan - Largest in its class – Distributes warm air into home.
  • Cool Touch Operation - Outer shell of the stove is safe to touch during operation.  Exception: Glass & Door
  • Optional safety screen can be placed over glass to help keep children & pets from touching the glass.
  • Air Filter - 16x16 air filter cleans convection air as it passes thru the stove. Keeps home cleaner. Keeps internal parts of the stove cleaner.
  • Easy Cleaning - No special tools required to perform weekly maintenance.
  • Efficiency Thermocouple - Automatically adjusts convection fan faster and slower to maintain optimum efficiency.
  • Large easy to dump ash pan
  • Patented Vortex Burn Pot - Drives more air into the burn pot using its unique Vortex system which allows the oxygen in the air to burn the fuel more completely.
  • Mobil Home Approved
  • 4 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty with a 7 year Warranty on craftsmanship and manufacturers defects.

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